2 thoughts on “Out By Day

  1. Aimee Maralyn says:

    Thank you for sharing your dreams and life with us, Kai. The first time you played Out By Day on your webcast when it wasn’t yet named or finished I had chills. Now reading the lyrics today while at a completely different point in my life journey (it feels like forever ago) I relate to it in a much more deep & profound way. We must be on the same frequency. <3

    Sorry my time commitments made me miss all but the beginning of your last webcast. Hope you do another soon. I'm excited for your new songs and album and I hope to see you again someday very soon. Thank you for the sailor ceremony you gave my father's trinkets I gave you. I hope you got my email reply? Hopefully you can make it out to Michigan to tour someday soon? I know a lovely venue that allows fire and acrobatics. Thanks for the bedtime reading, this was perfect timing. ~Love, light & prayers

    1. Kai Altair says:

      Oh! I love that there is a venue waiting for us in Michigan. Do you know of any electronic music/transformational festivals that happen in the area? I am looking bring my music to festivals next year most of all.

      I am so glad that ‘Out by Day’ resonates with you. These songs belong to all of us, so it doesn’t surprise me that the frequencies are aligning. It came through for you too. I love that you are growing along with it as it is birthed into the the world. So much more to come. . . XO

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